Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Vision

Part of the vision of 
"Godly Girlfriends Retreats"
is Fun, Fellowship, and Freedom.

I found some pictures in an album titled "Girlfriends Weekend".
We had met at a San Angelo, Texas creek side cabin for some girl time.
We made t-shirts, visited a monastery, shopped for antiques,
ate lots of Mexican food, had coffee on the deck, and shared testimonies.

We sang, 
and we worshipped.

Melissa's Sunday morning devotional inspired us to
persevere and be the women God calls us to be.

And this picture in my computer file is titled 
"Godly Girlfriends".
We meet for lunch every Tuesday in Texas-
I only get to join them about 4 times a year.
We are a mixed bag
 (not to be confused with old bags)
of girls.
We are kind of an unlikely group of friends. 
We are from several different churches and denominations
but our oneness is in our love for Jesus.

Last summer, some of my North Dakota girlfriends,
(and one handsome guy)
met together at my house for
pot-luck lunch and crafts.
It was a fun day of getting to know each other better.  
(Looks like I have a thing about t-shirts!)

Seeing these pictures reminds me how important
it is for us women to connect with each other
for encouragement and support.
Maybe these girl gatherings are a little like
the quilting bees or canning sessions
of years gone by.
We just need each other.

You will, no doubt,
 see some of these faces at one (or both)
 of the upcoming retreats.

Be sure to go to the Vision tab on the web page
to read the full vision of the 
Godly Girlfriends Retreats.

See You There!