Monday, February 10, 2014


This is for you -you who wonder how we dare call ourselves "godly"

The first time I heard that term, "godly girlfriends", was at a week-end retreat.

I was sitting at the back of the room.  The speaker had encouraged us cherish, treasure, and grow our girlfriend relationships. I had known her for years. She is the Beauty for Ashes poster child. I had known her when she was going through the worst times imaginable and witnessed her victories. We had gone to church together and taught Sunday School together, but we hadn't had one-on-one time for a long time.  We were no longer in the same church. and we hadn't gone out to lunch together in maybe ever.

Then she dropped the bomb, "Will all my Godly Girlfriends please stand?"

Godly?  I am anything but godly.  I have a crazy busy stressful job that consumes too much of my time and energy.  I am in a storm of uncertainty, trials, temptations, and instability. I don't spend enough time in the Word or in God's presence.  Nope not me. We (the speaker and I) hadn't had a meaningful conversation in forever. No, I am not worthy to be considered her Godly Girlfriend - period.

Godly Girlfriends all over the room rose to their feet, but my tush stayed firmly planted in that plastic conference room chair. 

Merriam-Webster defines godly as divine, pious, devout. Synonyms are devout, holy, pious, religious, sainted, saintly.  Antonyms are faithless, godless, ungodly, unholy.  The definition for pious is reverence for deity and devotion to divine worship.  Synonyms for pious are constant, dedicated, devout, good, loyal, faithful, steadfast, steady, true.

Now for the test.  Am I godly?  Are you godly?  If you are the opposite of faithless, godless, ungodly, and unholy, then yes you are godly.  If you have a reverence for God and a devotion to His worship - then yes - you are godly. If you are dedicated, devout, good, loyal, faithful, steadfast, steady, or true, then yes, you are godly.  And yes, I am godly, also.

And, yes, she IS my Godly Girlfriend.

My Godly Girlfriend and I, along with many more Godly Girlfriends, have the great honor of serving together at the Texas Godly Girlfriends Retreat in just a few days.  We are so, so excited!  Then in May, we, Godly Girlfriends head to North Dakota for retreat number two.

See you there, my Godly Girlfriend!  See you there.

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  1. Awesome! Great definition of what it means to be Godly. It's not some out of reach sainthood but day in and day out loving God. Thanks for sharing. See you in a few days!!!